Historical Facts to Learn From.

This will be as short as I can make it, mainly because I don't need a full time occupation, but also because it is intended to simplify some things.

1st, the word 'pandemic' is defined thusly:

"An epidemic that is geographically widespread; occurring throughout a region or even throughout the world"

Based upon the concept of 'epidemic' which is defined thusly:

"A widespread outbreak of an infectious disease; many people are infected at the same time"

As such, whenever such things are truly in motion, there will be many, many very sick and dying people - to the degree that even finding ways of dealing with all the dead bodies would be a gigantic problem requiring massive efforts & resources.

Now, regarding the current, ongoing 'pandemic' narrative let us accept some factors as being real for the sake of this telling:

1 - There was a bioweapon invented, made & released someplace;

2 - That (whatever it was) spread world-wide somehow;

3 - It infected pretty much everybody, everywhere to some degree;

4 - Huge numbers of people have and are dying from this 'pandemic' specifically;

5 - Health facilities are chock full of sick & dying people EVERYWHERE.

Let us now imagine that the villains who made and released that bioweapon have a 2nd weapon that is far worse & intended to kill off very large numbers of people world-wide.

Being somewhat generous here - let us base these imaginings upon their possible goal of killing off ~25% of the total world population.

Pausing now for a comparison with another previously very deadly disease:

"The Black Death (also known as the Pestilence, the Great Mortality, or the Plague) was the deadliest pandemic recorded in human history.

The Black Death resulted in the deaths of up to 75–200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, peaking in Europe from 1347 to 1351."




In 1350, it is estimated that the entire world population was ~370 million, so in theory it was possible that as much as 1/2 the people living during that plague died - and what was known includes 2 facts:

1 - People were literally falling down dead quite visibly;

2 - Dealing with so many dead bodies was a huge problem in many ways, especially as many who stayed alive somehow were too ill to do any work helping with collecting all the dead bodies.

Based upon that terrible bit of history, the villain's possible goal (or threat) of killing off ~25% of the total world population is significantly smaller - by a factor of 1/2.

Right now in 2020, the total world population is estimated to be around 8 billion - so 25% of that would be around 2 billion.

To kill off that many people, for example - would mean the equivalent numbers of deaths of the ENTIRE populations of China or India (as the most populous countries), along with everyone in the United States as well as ALL of those living in Indonesia & Pakistan.

Of course if this was truly world-wide, it would likely be more than just a few countries & spread all over - BUT:

It would definitely lead to the same visibilities and problems as the black plague did.




Strongly Suggested Questions:

Have you seen folks dropping down dead when you HAD to go out for provisions ??

Have members of your own family or immediate social group died ??

Did those deaths have accidents, old age or pre-existing illnesses involved ??

Have you witnessed any very full health facility at 1st hand ??

Have you taken ANY time to study or examine what the PCR test is and is capable of doing ??

Have you taken ANY time to study or examine the origins and or realities of medical 'viruses' ??

Have you taken ANY time to study or examine the origins and or realities of forced masking ??

Have you taken ANY time to study or examine the contents or dangers of the proposed vaccinations ??

Sadly, the mainstream narrative has succeeded in bypassing the thinking & discernment of many, many people - pretty much everywhere - and especially as there are so many folks who do not even stop for a second to consider that they were trained by those before them to accept 'authorities' as being their superiors, without questioning.

Too many folks have been taken advantage of by the coercions imposed by threats based upon new rules - most of which have already been shown to do no good whatsoever - and much of what has been going on for all of 2020 has already caused terrible harms and taken tolls upon people everywhere to the level of actually being 'crimes against humanity'.

Waking up to the actual situation (as opposed to blindly following the mainstream narrative) means really asking & answering at least the most frightening of the above questions with total honesty for the well being of one's self and those who may depend upon you.

It is urged here to use the isolation time forced upon us to remain at home in examining this situation very closely via means OTHER than what is shoved out by the MSM & TV.

Too many highly qualified & very educated have risked their lives & reputations to try to get the TRUE warnings out to the world.

Those folks' sacrifices for the sake of everyone else deserve no less than some little bits of all our days spent seeking the truths that they have pointed out.

Please pass along and/or reuse what is written here to spread this message if you are so inclined.

Thanks for your time & effort in reading this page.